Project information

  • Project name: BioLat - sustainable production of nickel and cobalt
  • Category: Mining
  • Year: 2022

Bio Lat

BioLat - sustainable production of nickel and cobalt

In cooperation with leading scientific institutions we have developed a new near zero waste and low carbon biotechnology for production of nickel and cobalt from lateritic ores: BioLat.

Laterites are supergene ore bodies which host 70 % of global nickel reserves.

BioLat is first completely biotech solution in mining and metallurgy based on these key technologies:

Heap bioleaching of laterites by sulphuric acid produced by sulphur-oxidizinig bacteria, bioneutralization of sulphuric acid after leaching followed by iron precipitation, bioprecipitation of Ni and Co as mixed sulphide product, biofertilization of the leaching residue for biological recultivation of the mine site

BioLat is low energy process with minimal environmental impact which generates 40-87 % less carbon dioxide in comparison to competing hydrometallurgical technologies for laterite processing.

Final product of BioLat process, Ni-Co sulphide, is used for production of nickel and cobalt sulphate, which are among main components of the car batteries.

We are making green nickel and cobalt for green mobility!